Is a blend of gospel, rock and country! It’s a fun mix and a really fun song to sing – going back to the Bible figures of Adam and Moses from the Old Testament, and Peter and Paul from the new. Here I Am tells a story of God’s interaction with believers of old, and how the modern-day believe can choose, in the same way, to be fully dependant on God. We are not as removed from our spiritual forefathers as we might sometimes think!

I had the idea for this song during a sermon on Adam, where my church’s Pastor was describing how God pursued Adam in the garden. I had the idea of drawing together 4 characters, from the Old and New Testaments, telling a bit of their story, and then connecting their story to ours; a story of trust, obedience, and faith. It’s interesting that after I wrote the song, I was totally inhibited about sharing it! It was so gospel-y! My lead singer had to force it out of me! I’m so glad she did because it’s become my bands’ ‘trademark’ song!


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