Finding and Listening to Playlists

Note :
You do not heed to have an account or be logged in in order to access and listen to Playlists.
All playlists created on this platform are public domain and can be accessed by anyone visiting the website.
You must have a Disc Jockey Global Account and be logged in in order to create a playlist.
However, only you can edit the playlists you have created.
  • Under Disc Jockey Global’s Menu. (The black portion on the left hand side of your screen), click “ Playlists “. The right hand side of the screen will now display all playlists created on this website.
  • Scroll through the playlists until you locate the desired playlist.
  • Click on the Song Block “ Photo”, the song list will begin playing.
  • Click on the Song Block “ Title” , and the Playlist Profile Page will appear, showing the Song list Title, a play icon, and a number indicating how often it has been played. Below this all songs on the playlist are listed.
  • D O N E.