Finding and Editing Playlists

Note :
All playlists created on this platform are public domain and can be accessed by anyone visiting the website.
You must have a Disc Jockey Global Account and be logged in in order to create or Edit a playlist.
  • Under Disc Jockey Global’s Menu. (The black portion on the left hand side of your screen), click your “ Username“. The right hand side of the screen will now display your User Profile Page.
  • Click “Playlists “, the box / icon located on the left hand side of your profile under your photo. All playlists you have created are listed here.
  • Click on the playlist “ Title “you want to edit. The Playlist Profile Page will appear.
  • Click on the particular song
  • Scroll through the playlists until you locate the desired playlist.
  • Click on the Song Block “ Photo”, the song list will begin playing.
  • Click on the Song Block “ Title” , and the Playlist Profile Page will appear, showing the Song list Title, a play icon, and a number indicating how often it has been played. Below this all songs on the playlist are listed.
  • D O N E.