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Disc Jockey Global is a small company trying to do big things. We work off tips just like most artists.
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Hi All, I hope you are enjoying the services offered by Disc Jockey Global.

We believe that every artist deserves to make a living off their music and that no matter what their ability they have a right to a platform where there music will be heard. We treat all artists equally and hope that by doing so we can create a community where people can come to discover great music that they cannot find anywhere else.

We aim to be the premier place for Artists, Singer Songwriters and Fans to connect around the music the love. We also aim to do all this free of charge, so every artists no matter how big or how small gets an equal opportunity to have their music featured and heard.

However, the website is not free to run. If you enjoy the service we offer and would like to help out fell free to leave a tip.


All donations go through PayPal.

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