How Do I add Disc Jockey Global as a Web Application to my Home Screen?

Adding our shortcut Icon to Your Home Screen :

Note : you must use a true Web browser to complete this task, Google Chrome (not Google), Safari, etc. You know you are using a true browser, if when on our Home Screen there is a section across the top of your screen with three vertical dots, three vertical bars, or a box with an upward pointing arrow.

CLICKING THE * “ Add To Home Screen “ gives you directions.

  • Click the three vertical *dots, *bars, or *box with the upward pointing arrow. A new window will appear.
  • Scroll through the new window until you find “ Add to Home Screen “. If you can’t find it try another browser.
  • Click “ Add to Home Screen “. You will be asked if you want to add it.
  • Click *”Add “. You may be directed right back to your home screen where you can locate the Disc Jockey Global shortcut App, or you may have to exit to get back to your home screen
  • The shortcut is now installed. When you click on the icon you will go directly to Disc Jockey Global Website. Start enjoying the Music, Create Playlists, Rate Songs, etc.
  • D O N E.